We are at full capacity for the term.
There is a waiting list in place
Please see information below

Due to social distancing guidelines we are currently holding sessions with limited capacity.  Sadly we are therefore unable to accept applications from singers who have not previously performed or rehearsed with us. We hope to be back to full capacity once restrictions have lifted.


If you are a returning member, please read the following information and fill the application below

1) Upon entering and exiting the venue you must use the venue's new one way system (separate entrance and exit) which will be shown to members on arrival.

2) There will be a new choir registration system (online) for members to use in order to minimise footfall. It will be used also for track and trace should an outbreak occur.  You MUST sign in every week. All attendance registers will be sent directly to the venue's health and safety team.

3) Members must sign a choir GDPR form (Data Protection Regulation) for the collection and processing of contact information for Track and Trace.

4) Chairs will be set a 1 metre distance apart and should not be moved during or before the session.

5) It will be the individuals responsibility to wipe down each chair after use. Wipes/hand sanitiser will be provided by the choir director.

6) Masks or transparent face shields must be used while moving around inside the venue.  They CAN be only be removed whilst seated for singing (as per current government guidelines).  

7) Scores - We cannot provide physical paper copies.  Members are required to download material in advance and bring arrangements to each rehearsal.

8) You MUST provide proof of vaccination.  Either a photocopy or email of your vaccine passport must be emailed to the director before term begins. Failure to provide proof sadly means you will not be allowed to attend in person sessions.

9) Any person caring full time for a vulnerable family member should carefully consider attending sessions.

10) There will be a strict deadline for membership applications to be submitted before term begins alongside a deadline for membership fees. 

11) If any member is feeling unwell (sore throat, fever, headache, or any possible COVID symptoms) please stay at home and take a break from choir until symptoms have passed. 

12) If any member has contracted COVID, you must contact the choir director immediately as sessions may need to be postponed should an outbreak occur. 


Applications are closed.  If you wish to be added to our waiting list please fill your details below

Term fee is £100
10 weeks
October 12th - December 14th
7pm - 9.30pm

Fee deadline Friday October 1st