Do I have to audition?

In-person sessions previously required no audition to take part, however as sessions have recently moved online we ask anyone new to Connect Choir to submit a video or audio recording before becoming a fully fledged member. This is to ensure singers are able to demonstrate performance ability, style, accuracy of pitch, good intonation and clear diction in preparation for our isolated recording projects

How much is membership and what does it include?

Online membership is £50 for 8 weeks and must be submitted (in full) before each term begins.  Details of how to pay will be emailed directly to members and we accept BACs. Connect membership gives you exclusive access to our private members area which can be found on the Connect Choir website.  Your fee also covers tuition time, scores and audio materials, arranging, musician and recording fees, mixing, mastering and video editing

Do I have to read music?

Not at all although scored notation will be provided with lyrical content included. We provide audio for all Connect Choir members to practice with - a particularly useful tool for those who are better at learning aurally.


8 weeks TUESDAYS


Further information can be found on our home page:

How old do I need to be?

Minimum age 18

What do I need to take part?
  • A good wi-fi connection

  • ZOOM App downloaded to your chosen device (the app is free)

  • Your scores/lyrics downloaded in advance from the members area

  • Some water 

  • Sessions begin with a fun and energetic physical warm - up.  Make sure you have space in which to sing, stand and move around

  • Please make sure the camera on your device is facing you - not pointing underneath your chin

  • To eliminate audio latency, we ask singers to mute their mic whilst online teaching is in progress

  • At the end of the six week term, you will record (from home) the arrangements we have learned together.  You will first record your vocal using voice memo on your phone, providing also a separate video performance too by using your mobile device or computer. Files will be sent to your MD for individual voices to be mixed and mastered together.  This will create our choir 'sound'.  Your MD will provide further information on how to help you achieve this without stress or worry.  They will give tips on how to make your video and audio look and sound as professional as possible.  Those of you who frequently record at home using a DAW (Digital/Audio Workstation) may be asked to provide audio files in WAV form


Online membership is £50 for 8 weeks and must be submitted (in full) before term begins

*Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable*


The choir has the following AIMS

To learn and perform music and to achieve the best of individual abilities

To foster a positive fun loving experience and to encourage all choir members within our Connect community to motivate and support one another 


We respectfully ask members to be on time for scheduled online sessions and to be mindful of attendance for the term ahead


Members must demonstrate professional behaviour and decorum when in session and Musical Directors therefore retain the right

(and at discretion) to remove individuals deemed abusive, threatening or offensive and without refund

Practice materials are composed for benefit of frequent use. Materials provided and produced belong to and is the intellectual property of Connect Choir ltd and should not be shared to any third party

The MD will notify choir members of updates or changes to scheduled sessions via e-mail or group text, unless otherwise arranged with individual members


The data protection policy of the choir is that:


In the day to day running of the choir it is necessary to record basic personal data to enable communication with members. This will not compromise member’s names, addresses, telephone numbers, email address and emergency contact. Information will not be shared with other parties and will be deleted one year after a member leaves the choir. Members have the right to request that their personal details be deleted or amended. Members images in the public domain, such as the choir website, social media and concert and video footage are not covered by this policy