Terms & Conditions


  • Commitment to taking part in live events/concerts/corporate events and charity gigs is required. 
  • Commitment to learning the arrangements and making use of available practice materials is required. 
  • Positive camaraderie, teamwork and the ability to understand and respect musical direction from esteemed choir and workshop leaders is necessary. 
  • Good attendance to ensure confident performances is required. 
  • Professional conduct and respectable behaviour is expected of members throughout rehearsal.  Please remove any distractions, mobile phones, tablets (unless using for score work).
  • ​Please remove any gaming devices and disconnect from live/online streaming programmes.
  • Be respectful; pay attention to the director and always be aware of the rehearsal focus.  Rehearsal time is reserved for music preparation.  Please pay attention whilst the MD is working with specific sections – it is distracting to the leader and other choir members if there is noise and conversation during rehearsal.  Personal grooming products such as hairbrushes, perfume, nail files etc should not be used at any point during rehearsal time – respect and observe the rules of the host and other individuals around you. 
  • Individuals are responsible for their own property and personal belongings including any damage or loss. 
  • All vocal arrangements, concepts and resources used in Connect Choir will not be replicated, copied or amended or supplied to any other group or individual. 
  • Publicly sharing copyrighted material and intellectual property which belongs to Connect Choir and its directors (including audio files, video and anything which is used as an aid to assist learning) is strictly prohibited. 
  • Any person deemed to be joining Connect Choir to access intellectual property or brand owned by Connect Choir will be refused admission and have their membership withdrawn without refund.  Legal action may also be taken if necessary. 
  • Proof of participation and payment of membership is required before anyone is given full access to intellectual property. 
  • Members who attend rehearsals consistently without having paid membership shall be removed. 
  • Membership fee is £90 for a 12 week term.  Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. 
  • Membership fees should be paid by the dates stipulated. 
  • Membership fees cover the termly rehearsals. All resources, downloads, performance opportunities and other additional facilities are offered at the discretion of Connect Choir. 
  • Membership refunds shall only be given at the discretion of Connect Choir. 
  • Connect Choir directors hold public liability insurance.
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